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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

I know it's been months and months but ....

... I haven't been great and I haven't even opened my machine yet.  It is still in it's box.  Why you ask?  A very simple answer really.  You see on my old machine - well it wasn't old exactly but I did sell it because my dumb arm and hand quit working and with it I sold the best thing I have ever had for a sewing machine.

What is it you ask?

Well this really nice guy from the States asked me if I would like to try out his lighting for sewing machines and instead of the light just focusing on where you sew it lights up the whole sewing area.  I am endorsing this lighting method because I know it's really great and the reason I haven't opened up my machine is because when I sold my other machine I couldn't get my Ecolux Light off, so I didn't have it anymore!!!  I so didn't want to use a machine without it.  Once you have tried it you will never ever want to sew without it.  Here it is for you to see.  I sure wouldn't be without mine that's for sure.  You can buy anything from 3 LED lights up to 9 LED lights and you will never be disappointed with it.   The lighting is just GREAT as only LED lights can be.

Scott has told me that they have now have a new baby within their arsenal of greatness. And it is this:

As well as having a normal power supply to your electric sewing machine you can now plug it into your USB port, that is, if you have a sewing machine that has one.  Me?  I have absolutely no idea if mine does because I still haven't opened it, but I shall soon and share what I am sewing, and there is so much I want to sew quilt wise it just isn't true.

Not only is Scott from Ecoluxlighting sending me a new light for my new machine but he is also sending one for my European readers to have.  Trust me this is the best thing since sliced bread and I love sliced bread - especially with Peanut Butter and Jelly (that's Jam to you Brits) on it.  I also like Peanut Butter on Ryvita too.

I know this last bit of info was more than you needed but hey I just had to share.

So if you click on the Ecoluxlighting logo on the right of this blog it will take you to Scott's website (I hope).  Maybe I ought to put it here too just in case I'm wrong.

See you soon
Patti xxx
American by birth and MOUTH
but British in every other way

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