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Thursday, 23 December 2010

Some Freebies and a Giveaway

Hi whoever you are that is reading this blog - for all I know I might just be talking to myself.  So what else is new I hear you asking (or is this my brain talking to me?).

We what is new is HomeSpun Threads are giving away their patterns (charts) for FREE.  I just went there and got five of them.  I know, I know ... I'm greedy.  But this quilting bug has really gotten to me.

Secondly my new friend Chris over at Learn 2 Quilt Online is having a wonderful giveaway ending on Christmas Day with the winner being announced before the New Year.  Now I really shouldn't be blogging about this because I really want to win it - big time I want to win this, but I just thought after you have entered her contest if you go and look at the rest of her Blog it really has some great tips and quilts blocks that are free to start with and then cost just a few dollars - like $3.00.  But her instructions are really great.  I found them to be so much better than going to a class, and trust me last year I did and it cost big bucks, and I learned nothing but enough said about that.

OH BOY I almost forgot to blog about the GREAT giveaway on Fabrics N Quilts website. This link takes you straight to the prizes but be sure and look at her store because it is truly MAGNIFICENT!!!  Now I don't have to worry about this one because they are giving away 4 prizes.  When you ask is this one over.  Why tomorrow (that's Christmas Eve) so you'd better be quick.  You also have 12 chances of winning.

So good luck one and all but I'm warning you THIS ONE I'M GOING TO WIN and if you guys don't enter it I surely will and it would be a shame to miss and a shame especially to miss her site.

Lots of Love Patricia xxx
American by birth and MOUTH

Saturday, 18 December 2010

My first Posting

Well I've taken the leap.  I have stitched for a long(ish) time and enjoyed it enormously, and blogged about it.  But now I want to quilt too.  I have collected fabric for quite a while for finishing the things I have stitched but as all of my followers of my main Blog know I HATE finishing with a vengeance and will do it only when I absolutely HAVE to.

So now I'm taking a foray into quilting - I hope.  I have loads of - okay not really loads but quite a bit, of cloth I have purchased over the last couple of years and would now like to make some things out of it all.  Machine stitching I love doing and hand stitching well I love doing that too, and quilting does not involve my stitching something on a large piece of linen and then cutting it too small to finish it properly.  In fact the last piece I finished was really small and yet even thought I stitched it on a piece of linen that was large enough to finish four things I still managed to cut it too small and had to bodge it.

I will be making something small soon and put it on both Blogs so that people know I have a second blog.

So until later.

Patricia (yes I've now grown up) xxx
American by birth and MOUTH