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Friday, 7 September 2012

I just have to share some awesomeness

I have found THE most wonderful website quite by mistake.

Okay how many of you have seen a tutorial that you just love but whoever has taken the time and patience to do this for us hasn't put it in pdf form or in a form where you can print it without saving it as a pdf or word document?

Well I bought the full blown adobe version of pdf so I could save what I wanted without having to worry about this.  Did I need to do this?  NO WAY JOSE!!!

What I found was this website and all you have to do is

1.  Go to and save it into your favorites because you will need it a lot
2.  Go back to the website you want to save the tutorial from
3.  Copy the url (that's the address in your top bar) of the website with the tutorial you want to copy - you can see it highlighted at the top of the screen

just like I wanted to select this so I could copy it for you to see.  To copy the address or url what you have to do is

  1. Put your curser anywhere in the address (or url
  2. Single left click on it and it should be highlighted
  3. press the Ctrl + C button on your computer at the same time (that's the cmd button on a Mac plus the C at the same time)
  4. The address will be copied but be very careful NOT to copy anything else.  That is why I told you to bookmark Print Friendly before we started

4.  Then go to that you have previously saved and

    1. Press the Ctrl + V and the (or cmd + V at the same time if you have a Mac like me) and the web address that you have copied will be pasted into that empty box
    2. On the right of the box that you have just pasted the address into there is a box which says 'print preview' so just single left click on this button and ...

5.  You will be taken to another screen that looks like this (I just pressed the no thanks button on the almost top of the screen on the right because as of yet I haven't done any tutorials so I don't need this on my website)  HOLD ON - this is a tutorial - albeit not a quilting tutorial but it's a tutorial so maybe I do need it.

where you will have a choice to 
  1. Print, 
  2. PDF or 
  3. Email
There are other choices there too which are:
  1. Text Size
  2. Remove the Images which can be awesome if you just want printed text like I did with something else I saved
The whole process was totally painless and you will have the tutorial just the way you want to but didn't know how before.  I wanted to save the tutorial above and I did it as a pdf so I can either print it out if I want to or just look at it on my computer or any combination thereof.

If you have any questions about any of this just leave a question here and I will do my best to answer it for you.  But I can honestly say this is the easiest thing I have ever done and trust me I have done a lot of things in my time.

Until next time ... 

Lots of Love Patti xxx
American by birth and MOUTH but British in every other way

P.S. I just found out that if you put the Print Friendly bookmark in your Toolbar so it is visible all the time when you are on a website where you want to make a tutorial into a pdf or copy it or email to yourself all you have to do is stay where you are and click on the Print Friendly bookmark and it does it for you and will save you heaps of time.


  1. That's an awesome site indeed. Even with full version of PDF installed here too, this site will beat that at times.
    Thanks for the link :)

  2. pretty nifty! and those instructions are helpful too, describing what to paste where on the PDF website ... sometimes it's not easy to work out what gets put into which boxes when you can't see! And being able to choose to save with no images will keep the file size down whenthey're not vital! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I'd never come across this before, but now I'm off to have a look.Thanks for the link and the information.

  4. Thank you for sharing.. I need this for lots of QAL and tutorials.. Sometimes its just a bit hard sewing and having to browse again on the site coz you'd end up browsing more than you had to and very little

  5. Wow! Great discovery! Thanks for sharing the info. Now all I have to do is remember it when I need it. :/ lol


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