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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Accuquit and Craftsy

First I would like to welcome all my new followers - how rude of me not to do this before now.  So WELCOME and I do hope you continue to follow me because I love comments and will ALWAYS reply to you.

Let's talk about the first thing in my heading.  I have had the Go! Baby for around a year but because of my MS my arms quit working just about the same time I got it.  But, I have to tell you that the Accuquilt  Go! Baby is totally amazing and what's more 
Are having a SALE
that is lasting 8 whole days.  I have only just started quilting after looking at You Tube and Craftsy for a while.  Okay it's been more than a while - it's been 2 years but my arms are now working again so I can piece now thanks in whole to the Go! Baby and I have four cutters (they used to be called dies) and I have cut some hexagons and I'm currently hand sewing them.

The Go! Baby which if you live in the U.S. is now
$50.00 cheaper so do yourself a favor and buy it
because I promise you IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE
I have to tell you that I so couldn't have done this if I didn't have the Go! Baby and and if I could afford it I would so buy the:

The Go! Baby 1 1/2" Strip Cutter
because Moda have stopped
making them :-(
The Go! Baby Quarter Square 4" Finished Triangle
because it would just be AMAZING

Unfortunately in England the stores ALWAYS charge £s for $s - one of my pet peeves!!!  That and the fact that if you spend more than £16.00 on something you buy from the US they charge you the VAT - no problem with that at all because if I buy it here I have to pay it, but I have a huge problem with the flat fee of £8.00 they charge for charging the VAT (Value Added Tax otherwise known as just Tax).  That really P's me off.  So if anybody wants to buy me a Christmas or Chanukah present you know exactly what I want.  Not expecting much from this side of the pond because they are so expensive here in England and our darling son and daughter-in-law gave us a wonderful vacation as a present and I think that covered all things this year - birthdays, Chanukmas (that's Christmas and Chanukah combined) and our anniversary which was last week.  We have been married for an awful lot of years.

Anyway enough of my moaning and these are the 4 dies I have at the moment:-

Go! Value Die
which gives you a
4 1/2" Square
2 1/2" Triangles
2 1/2" Square
Go! Baby Drunkards Path 3 1/2" Finished

Go! Triangles in a Square
Finished Sizes are 3" of both
Go! Baby Hexagons
with finished sized of:
2", 3" and 5"
and this die I bought here in England
To end with Accuquilt !Go Baby for the time being I have to tell you that it is my most favorite thing that I own.  I LOVE IT!!!  And it has made quilting possible for me because I still can't stand and cut and using the Accuquilt Go! Baby means that I can quilt.

Now about Craftsy and me.  I joined 1 class on Craftsy when Craftsy was called something else, Sympoziam I think.  I have been trying to quilt for around 2 years I think.  I went to a class at my not-so-local quilt store first and found it pretty useless to be honest.  First I couldn't see what the teacher was trying to teach because (a) I'm vertically challenged and (b) I have MS and can't stand for very long and whatever she demonstrated was on the small high table and let's just say I learned virtually nothing and was quite despondent about it and if I hadn't bought some much stuff I might have just given up.

I know I learn better if I either read about it or see it demonstrated and got my first class from a blot (sorry can't remember who's) for Craftsy half price - it was the Jenny Doan (Jenny is from Missouri Star Quilt Company) class which is called Quilting Quilty. I thought hey that's for me for sure.

So I joined that class and quickly thereafter joined Quilting Quickly II and I have become quite addicted to these classes to say the least and will be giving one away shortly so keep watching because it will be within the next week or so.

Right, let's get back to what I was saying.  Craftsy have one full free classe for quilters and it is called Block of the Month and has run since January of this year and is now finished but it will always be there and Amy Gibson who has a blog gives this first full free class that is suitable from a Beginner to anybody.  So if you are just starting quilting go and sign up for it - it costs you absolutely nothing and I have saved this class and Amy is, as are most of the tutors, totally amazing.  This class is called So please do go and have a look at what Craftsy has to offer I promise you that you will not be disappointed.

See you soon
Patti xxx
American by birth and MOUTH
but British in every other way
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  1. Accuquilt isn't even available here, and I so badly want one :'(
    Checking out your lovely blog as suggested :)


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