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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

I am moaning and have some GREAT quilts to show you

I wish I could get up off this couch really I do but I'm just so darn tired.  Saw my MS nurse today who is just lovely and just mentioned, because I so don't moan or tell her anything of any relevance usually.  But this time I just as an aside mentioned that I have stabbing pains in my legs, like somebody is stabbing me with a knife and they start in the evening and the stabbing tapers off for a bit until just before I'm dropping off to sleep when it bloody starts again and wakes me up.  I told her I was just wondering is all and Noreen (MS lovely nurse) said I need wonder no more because it is the MS, I mean how exciting is this, and I need to take more painkillers.  So made an appointment with my GP (to you non-Brits General Practitioner or Doctor) ok I'm a non-Brit too but I've lived here so long that apart from my mouth I should be classed as British I guess but if I was I couldn't complain about the Post Office anymore and I love doing that.  Anyway I will just have to live with these pains until the end of the month when my doctor comes back from her vacation.

Now for the GREAT quilts.  I was wandering around Pinterest randomly when I came across the quilt below and thought I love that and want one sort of like that, but in different colors, and I so have to repin this.  So I did!!  And then went and looked some more and Sherri has a shop on Etsy where she has some quilts for sale.  They are all handmade and hand-quilted and totally gorgeous malorgeous.  So enjoy peoples because I sure did.

Putnam-Hauser Linen Quilt, November 2011
Made By
And what's more she made all the rest of these quilts too.  Her name above leads to her blog so please go and visit it I promise you if you like modern quilts like I like modern quilts you will love these.  This first one is in her studio and I LOVE IT!!!  Heck I love all of them. Every single one (secretly I think the bottom two and and the first one that led me to Sherri's Etsy store are my favorites).  Wish I could be her - well she's way younger than me and she quilts way better than me and has an imagination which I don't have.

See you soon Patti xxx
American by birth and MOUTH
but British in every other way

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  1. Sorry you haven't been feeling well - does the hot weather affect you?
    Great quilts - I love them all! What a talented lady!

  2. Lovely finds. I hope your health improves very soon.

  3. Wow, all great quilts, you're right! Hope you start to feel better soon. :o)

  4. Thanks for sharing the inspiration!

  5. The quilts are incredible despite the fact I'm not into modern like that but the quilting, STUPENDOUS! NOW, about that pain...get a book called "Wheat Body" by Dr. William Davis. Perhaps what he is talking about will help that pain...maybe with the MS, you have allergies and this program deals smack in the face with it. HOPE you are better and can get off all those drugs, too.

  6. Thanks for featuring my quilts Patti, and I look forward to seeing your improvised quilts some day. You will surprise yourself - I'm sure of that.

    Best wishes!

  7. Lots of great inspiration so you can sew me my blocks for the Simply Solids bee September month!! I look forward to it soon Patti!


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