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Thursday, 19 December 2013

So What Else Is New???

Other than I've haven't blogged for over 2 months and uhh I missed my blogaversary?  Just stuff really.  Not stitching stuff or quilting stuff that's for sure.  Although I have bought a new chart to stitch that is sitting up in my very messy sewing room.  I know I've said this before but TOMORROW is the day I clear it up.  I shall take photos of what it looked like before I cleared it up and then again afterwards.  So please watch this space.

I've just been busy with grandchildren and children.  Not all our children - well we have babysat for two of our children and it is a total pleasure to sit for them.  I love my grandchildren so much it is untrue.

On the other hand our younger daughter, middle child, is still without a hip after six months.  It's driving us nuts.   I don't know if I told you but she has been very ill for a long time with a whole catalogue (notice Brit spelling)  of diseases and she is anything but proactive.  Anyway because of the drugs she has been on for a very long time she has another disease called avascular necrosis, which basically means her bones are dying, and her hips had crumbled away.  So two and a half years ago the surgeon took out her left hip and replaced it with a new one.  For about a year everything was hunky dorey but then the hip started to hurt again and it took them a whole year to figure out that it was infected which isn't that rare apparently.  Anyway six months ago they removed the offending hip and she was supposed to have it replaced 3 months ago but they still haven't done it.

Then she got a letter telling her that they had an appointment for her to have her left hip aspirated in January.  WHAT LEFT HIP!!!  She bloody doesn't have one!!!  So I took the bull by the horns today and called the surgeons secretary, who is away apparently, and there is a substitute standing in who promised to call me back today.  So glad I wasn't holding my breath because I waited in all day and no bloody call!!!

Stacy, daughter in question, has also had yet another Crohns attack and was in hospital so if we weren't driving her somewhere with her saying ouch all the time because of the potholes in the british roads, we were exhausted from everything.

Still no hip but I'll be damned if I'm taking her to an appointment to have a non-existent hip aspirated!!!  That girl (the stand-in secretary) is getting another call from me tomorrow.  I know you get more with sugar than with vinegar but I'm angry.

On a brighter side him upstairs had a HUGE birthday last week and we celebrated in style.  So it's been a busy couple of months without my doing anything including clearing up my sewing room.

See you soon
Patti xxx
American by birth and MOUTH but
British in every other way

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  1. Good to see you back - I've missed your posts!
    I'm sorry to hear of your daughter's problems - I hope you get some answers today!
    Happy Christmas

  2. gosh that sounds a nasty medical situation and really frustrating about the hip in particular. My neice had hip issues and spent 6 months or maybe a couple more with her hip in plaster, but it seems to have healed up well. Hope you get some sense out of those doctors and stand-ins .... it's crazy that they want to aspirate something that isn't there!!

  3. I do hope you can get some answers, Patti. That is just a nightmare. Crohns alone is dreadful witout all of the hip complications.

  4. Glad you are back. It's hard to think about anything else when your child has problems . Hope your daughter would be better soon

  5. I'm so sorry you are having this kind of problem. My husband and I are having similar issues with the doctor not telling us stuff or calling back!


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