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Saturday, 12 March 2011


Really I need help badly.  It is Lily's (my granddaughter) 8th birthday next Sunday and big mouth here promised her a sewing machine for her birthday.  Okay so buying it is no big deal because they make children's sewing machines for only £30.00

and they are quite sturdy and everything and it is made by John Lewis which is my very favourite store here in England but what on earth can I get an 8 year old to make on her brand new sewing machine?  Please I need ideas.  So please can some of you please please please help me with ideas of what I can buy in the coming week for Lily to make on her brand spanking new sewing machine that only sews in straight lines.

I will be grateful forever.

Lots of Love
Patricia xxx
American by birth and MOUTH


  1. How about a pillow case Patti. That would be pretty easy. Or a small bag - like a small pillowcase that you could put a drawstring through and then she could use it for carrying small things around in.

  2. I second the pillow case idea. Quick and easy.

  3. how about a draw string back pack - all you need is some cute fabric and some cord to thread through. she can wear it with pride.

  4. I think she would like a box of different colors of thread, scisors, a pinkeep...everything like grand-ma has.

  5. Lovely to have a granddaughter, isn't it!? I'm for a cute sewing box with lots of pretty sewing accessories.
    Miss our chats, Queenie. Email me sometime:

  6. Love your new blog and that you're getting into quilting, which I am also SO interested in! :D

    What about a drawstring bag/pouch for Lilly to make? just sew up the 3 sides (well, after sewing "down" the top ones so that there is a "tube for the cord to run through. you could make it small or large as you like, and with some fabric crayons she could even make a picture for the "front" (or back) first. Useful, cute, easy (?)!

  7. A pillow case. Super easy. My kids have made tons of them. And eight is a greatvage.

  8. Hi Patty,
    How are you?? Although you left cross stitching, I'm still in your new blog. I love this pink sewing machine!
    Hugs from Barcelona

  9. I live in Canada and I got my daughter into sewing when she was 5 or 6. We were fortunate enough to have a "Kids Can Sew" program in which she learned the basics and some of her first projects were bags, pillow cases, stuffed toys, night gown, aprons etc moving on up. She carried on her sewing of clothes right up until she graduated grade 12. The reason she continued for so long is because it was her way of completing projects. I taught her how to quilt making her first quilt when she was 6. I did the cutting but she did everything else to picking fabric and sewing. You will be surprised what they can create. Enjoy the journey.

  10. I made pot holders with my daughter's class (average age 7)
    You might need to sew the binding on with a stronger machine though.

  11. Hi Pat... I hope you are feeling better.... Hugs Lisa from Lydias Treasures NZ


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