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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

I am still here, sort of

No seriously I am still here and loving quilting.  Not very good at it but getting slightly better.  Sorry I haven't written a post in ages but my MS has really been playing up and I have had some decisions to make.  And I'm really bad at making up my mind at the best of times and thought I had.  But guess what?  Yup I haven't after all.  You see my Neurologist is putting me on Drug Modifying Treatment and I have to choose which drug I want to inject to try and stop this silliness from happening - at least from happing so often.  So do I take the drug that I only have to inject once a week but run the risk of feeling like I have flu for a couple of days each week.  Or!?!  Do I take the other one which I have to inject daily and take the risk of injections site reactions that will make me feel like I've had bee stings and other nasties?  Well I have a just over a week to make up my mind and I daresay I will change it a zillion time - just like I did when I went out for lunch yesterday.  I am so crap at making decisions that I can't even decide what to eat!

Okay on to nicer things.  I have been trying to quilt without a lot of success but I have finished a couple of mug mats which I can't show you because they are winging their way to the States as I type and will share pictures of them they have arrived.

The best news though is that our middle child, not really a child but a grown woman, takes possession of her flat at the end of the month and I am going to have one and a half (the third bedroom really is just a half a room) bedrooms.  The half bedroom I will probably just leave the futon in for the children to sleep on still.  But the other bedroom is going to become my sewing room and have all my stuff in it.  I can't wait.

I need to display all my gorgeous fabrics so I can see them.  I am going to buy a new sewing machine in August when I go with my friend Janice to the Quilting Show in Birmingham (England not Alabama).  So I'm trying to save up for that now.  Also we are not going to have a holiday (aka vacation) this year but instead buy two new TVs and my sewing machine.  It's all very exciting - well for me it is.

As soon as I have the room set up I shall take photos of it and show you.

Lots of Love
Patricia xxx
American by birth and MOUTH


  1. Hey Patricia, I've been following you awile and I don't remember reading that you have MS. I have it to and I know it's no fun.

  2. I'm sorry to hear about your recent health problems. What a decision to have to make. Fingers crossed that whatever you decide will make a real difference. But ..... what fun to organise your work room. I look forward to hearing how you get on Love Irene xxx

  3. Dear Patti, I hope you're feeling better soon. I will love to see how you reorganized your work room. Keep us posted, please :)


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