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Thursday, 21 July 2011

I promised you pictures and pictures you shall have

Okay no more whinging from me about my rotten health - I'm bored with it and so must any of you actually reading the rubbish I write.

So I promised  you photos and photos you shall have.  Never sure if the word is photos or pictures. I think photos must be England and pictures American because when I came here a zillion years ago, okay not a zillion but it sure feels like it, Pictures was going o the Movies.  I just get my English and American still mixed up even after all this time here.

I was in an exchange for dolls quilts and I was so so so lucky because this is what I got.  I can't show you the one I made yet because it definitely hasn't been received by the person who is receiving it because I was so late in sending it but I will show you my one when I know it has arrived.  So in the meantime have a look at this beauty:

I cannot express how beautiful this is in real life.
It is just stunning and the quilting is beyond beautiful.  
The quilt was made by Beth Miller and we belong 
to a Group called 'The Misfit Quilters' on Twitter

Here it is on my Lily's dolls on her bed in my house
cause she isn't allowed to take it home.
Trust me it is stunning.  Just click on any of the 
Pictures and you can see a really big picture showing it in all it's beauty.

And Beth also send me this Mug Rug that I adore
and a little Credit Card Holder for being
a little bit late.  

Thank you so much Beth from the bottom of my heart I really really love everything you sent.  Red and turquoise is my new favorite color combination ever since I've seen it.

THANK YOU Beth I just can't thank you enough.  IT IS BEAUTIFUL and yes I'm screaming but it really is something to scream about.

Until next time ...
Lots of Love
Patti xxx
American by birth and MOUTH but British in every other way


  1. I just love that doll quilt. The colors are so fun. And can't wait to see what you sent off. I'll bet it's just as wonderful.

  2. Oh lucky you! What a beautiful doll quilt you received! Can't wait to see what you made for the exchange.

  3. That doll quilt is beautiful! and your little gifts are cute! You are such a good seamstress!!!
    Have a good weekend!!!

  4. You are right. That is a lovely doll quilt. Your gift is very sweet too. Nice exchange.


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