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Saturday, 9 July 2011

Sometimes I even surprise ....

... myself with my lack of time.   Don't ask me where it goes because as far as I know it just goes by one day at a time and here we are and it's July!

So what have I done with all this time?  Absolutely bloody nothing.  Not a stitch has been stitched nor needle put to thread or tread to needle for that part.  Yes I haven't been well but that is absolutely no excuse to turn myself into a couch potato which is exactly what has been happening lately and I don't even like television that much.  In fact I used to be scornful of people that spent so much time watching it when there was so much else one could be doing.

So my resolution as of today, well yesterday actually, was I deleted everything on series link (if you are in England and have Sky you will know what this is and probably everywhere else too for that matter) that I don't really really want to watch and is just junk.  You know the stuff I was watching because I was worried I might miss something on the television.  I was never worried before.  My attitude to the TV has always been if I miss it I miss it.  But it changed drastically this year and I DON'T LIKE IT!  So this is going back to how it used to be.  Watching not a lot and being very choosy on what I do watch and NO JUNK.  It was definitely not good.  So that is being cut down big time.

The grands (well the two older ones) stayed last night and we were up at 5:00 a.m. this morning to take my dh to the airport because he went to Germany for the weekend and decided I couldn't be left at home without a car.  I would have been quite happy not to have the car.  I don't like driving anyway!  But I have it and had to drive home from Heathrow Airport - NOT FUN!!!  It was M25 and then M1 home.  I was home by the time DH should have been at the airport.  Talk about Mr. Early!

At least I did something constructive today.  I went into my new sewing room when we got back from the Airport and with the help of Sammy (grandson number 1 who is 11) I got some of the room sorted out.  I have to sort out the rest before I can sew anything and I shall do some more this evening so I can sew to my heart's content tomorrow and show you what I have made.  I bought loads of plastic boxes to make it all neat but loads more has to be moved in the room and DH won't do it until he has cleaned the carpets which WILL be done this week so I shall have some photos to show you of that room before too long.

But for now I'm going to finish this post and go and look at a load of your  posts which I have been neglecting lately because I have this dumb brain that won't let me do anything unless I finish what I am supposed to be doing.  I mean how dumb is that?????

Crazy if you want my honest opinion.  But my brain just won't let me.  So until I have sort of cleared up that room and made something constructive I won't be back.  But I promise it will be this coming week because I want to - not because I have to but because I've told my brain that it is truly mad and I can do something else if I don't want to do what I should be doing.  I have bought so much stuff that it's no good just stroking it - I HAVE TO USE THE CLOTH.  There I've said it out loud.  And I have so much lovely cloth.  So here goes world I'm starting for real and I shall be either:

Quilting by cutting and piecing properly or;
Quilting by Foundation piecing or (yeah that's proper too);
Quilting by Quilt and Go which is also proper

this week and you shall see what I have done.  See you later in the week and ....

Until next time ...

Lots of Love Patti xxx
American by birth and MOUTH
but British in every other way

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  1. See, I came! I just sorted my sewing room too for the zillionth time! Hmm, drive home from Heathrow or be carless, think I'd choose the latter!


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