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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

I know, know another post in no time at all

Firstly let's talk about following a blog.  I never understood why a condition of so many giveaways was that you followed that particular blog.  But now I know why and I know that over 4,000 people have come on this blog because that's what my counter thingy says, unless of course I've been on here over 4,000 times but I don't think so.  

I would really like to ask a HUGE favor if you are visiting my blog. Would you please become a follower, if you aren't one already,  because as everyone knows although I am American I live in England and would really love to be able to have a huge giveaway here on this blog but in order to be able to get anything (large or small) to give you guys I really need more followers.  SO PLEASE FOLLOW ME and then I can repay you all with great giveaways - that's if anybody but me is actually reading this blog.  But I really hope you are because I love writing it. Okay so maybe I'm just writing it for me to read.  

I don't know if my fellow quilters that read this blog know this but I am a Tweet-A-Holic.  I love Twitter and whilst I am not that old at doing it (okay so I'm old but not in Twitter terms I'm not).  Well to cut a long story short, and I'm not sure who started following who first, but I have been following Kelly Swallow for some time now and her way of patchwork fascinates me to say the least.  Here are some examples of what she does, and it's not what you think at all because it's furniture and absolutely beautiful and she tweets under the name of @patchworkchairs in case you want to follow her on Twitter too.

This is a Chesterfield that she has reupholstered and covered in Patchwork.
What a beauty isn't it.

A Chaise Lounge like you can't see that already
I promise I'm not trying to teach you to suck eggs

These two are called Taylor and Burton
Not usually my colors but I do love them 

AND last, but by no means least my favorite of them all

A Tub Chair with a matching Footstool.

I did ask to be her apprentice but she just thought I was funny. Well funny is good :-)  I LOVE being funny and I'm a really good joke teller too - only problem is I only remember a few and have told them for years and think everybody has heard them by now.  Next time I blog I'll tell you my most favorite joke of all time - only problem is every time I tell it by the time it comes to the punchline I am laughing so much, because I know the end, that nobody can understand what I'm saying.  And I've been telling this joke for close on 20 years.


Until next time ...

Lots of Love
Patti xxx
American by birth and MOUTH but British in every other way


  1. I follow you here and on twitter!

  2. Wow, that is one neat way to use patchwork. Thanks for sharing and thanks for making my laugh till I peed my pants.

  3. I won't follow you here, but will put you on my blogroll. That works much better for me.
    I will be following you on twitter though. Just started again last week and still have to get used to it (o: I guess I'll have to do it more to really understand it more. Or ... ask my grown up kids who do understand these things faster than I.

  4. sweetie do you think she would be interested in doing an appearance at you know? I think many would be fascinated by this ..I have never seen this before..unbelievable ..


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