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Sunday, 5 February 2012

Blimey it's been over a month AGAIN

I didn't realise at all that it's been so long AGAIN!!!

Do you like my Britishness of saying Blimey?  It's one of my favorite words but NOT my very favorite which is B*llocks which covers everything and I'm very fond of saying as all my friends know so I figured you should know this too.  The best thing about b*llocks is the Yanks have absolutely no idea what it means.  See I told you I was more British than American now!

So what's been happening over the past month you ask.  Well nothing much to be honest.  Drugs are dreadful still so a couple of weeks ago I stopped it.  I have lost almost a year of my life thanks to those darn drugs.  Look I've had MS for a very very long time without any drugs.  I was told I could chose the one I wanted and woud you believe I chose the one I always swore I would never go on.  What made me decide on that one?  I only had to inject once weekly with it.  How dumb was I!!!  The side effects were too much to bear so I stopped it.  The my neurologist put me on the same drug but this time it was injectable 3 times a week in much lower doses.  I went on this one in July and now in February guess what?  Same side effects but worse because as well as all the other ones I had hot flushes as well.  Look I had a total hysterectomy 20 years ago and already went through the change with hot flushes and didn't need or want them again. So I've been off it for two weeks and everything is normal (for me anyway) again.

Now if him who mustn't been obeyed (known affectionately as DH) would clear his crap (otherwise known as washing (of the clean variety) and other stuff) out of my sewing room which is now a junk room I could sew again.  And I so want to finally sew again.  I was meant to be out all day tomorrow but as I have a virus that's going round and I feel a bit better today tomorrow is going to be the day we clear out my sewing room and get it ready for me to stitch in again.  I really really miss sewing.  So watch this space.

Until next time ...
Lots of Love
Patti xxx
American by birth and MOUTH but British in every other way

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  1. I remember a funny sketch by a British commedian from the Birmingham area called Jasper Carrot (no idea if he's still on TV sometimes!) ... he did a sketch about how an American woman thought 'bollocks' meant something else and had a car registration plate made saying Bollox! lol ... it is a very good word, fits so many situations!



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