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Friday, 10 February 2012

I really hate whinging

so I won't.  But my stitching room is still the dump it was before and I can't get into there to sew yet.  However there will be some improvement.  The huge bed is going out of the litte room where you can't even shut the door cause the bed takes up practically the whole room.

So, DH's junk and all our extra dining room chairs will go back into the small room and be a junk room again instead of my room being the junk room but it isn't going to happen overnight but it will happen fast enough for me to be able to cut and sew on my machine which I am so missing.

So what have I been doing?  I've been in bed with real flu this time instead of the pretend kind the damn meds gave me.  I have been reading on my Kindle as well as making a new friend via Twitter.

I had heard about the Elm Creek books and wondered if you had to read them in order so I asked and he said you do.  So I looked on Amazon and found the first book the night before last.  It's this one:

This is one of the best books I have read EVER!!!  Not only is it a GREAT read there are THE best quilting tips in there I have read in any book (and I have loads trust me).  In fact it was so great that I have ordered one of Jennifer Chiaverini's quilting books from them as she is a master quilter.   This is the first book and it's called "The Quilter's Apprentice" (sorry this is the British link to Amazon).  A lovely read and so instructional as well.  I read it until 3 a.m. Thursday morning and woke up at around mid-day that day and started again around an hour later and finished it at 5p.m. yesterday.  I am now starting the second book.  I can see this being a really expensive month bookwise as they aren't cheap at around £5.00 each on the Kindle.  So thanks a lot Giles but I do love them.

Now before I leave you all for today I would be so grateful if somebody could please remember who made a spotty (or dotty) quilt around a year ago.  I loved it an so did my Grandson and I would love to make it for him for his next birthday but I can't find it anywhere.  I probably saved it on my old computer but as that was stolen and stupid here didn't back it up as regularly as she should have it isn't there.  Please help me if you can.

Until next time ...
Lots of Love
Patti xxx
American by birth and MOUTH but British in every other way

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  1. just a quick comment before I have to dash to the cold lobby and wait for my bus!

    I love those quilt books and read from 1 to 6 in a couple of weeks! I couldn't put them down either!! I've taken a brief break before I continue with the series, but I'm missing not reading one already!

    Nice to meet you too on Twitter (and blog and email!) ... good luck with the de-junking :)


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