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Monday, 16 April 2012

Thee things went wrong since Friday

On Friday I collected my new glasses from my brother-in-law who is an Optician.  Anyway they were a replacement pair for a pair I got around a month again which broke - wel they came apart at the bridge.  So I got another pair these ones:

They aren't the most gorgeous glasses I have ever owned but they were the most comfortable I've  ever worn in my whole life and I really loved wearing them for one whole day and night and then on Saturday when I went to put them on the left arm came off and back they went to my brother-in-law!  So that was Saturday.

On Sunday ...

My New Sewing Machine died.  Well it didn't exactly die but it was supposed to be all singing and dancing and doing everything for itself by itself.  If wasn't new - I bought it second-hand from a dealer here in the U.K. and the tension went wrong on Sunday which was not supposed to happen as it had a self fixing button with automatic tension, and I was really upset.  So I called them today and I have to send it back to them.  It cost £500.00 which was a good price or so I thought.  But it cost me £39.00 to have it couriered back to them because they have a back to base warranty and they are in northern England.  Most of that cost was insurance.

It's the Husqvarna Saphire 870

So that was yesterday's upset.  So now I can't even sew!  Well not by machine anyway because it is packed in a box waiting to be collected in the morning.  I have asked for it to be replaced by a new machine.  Either this one:

Brothers Innov-is 350 Special Edition Computerised Sewing Machine

Janome TXL607

I don't really care which one they send me though I must admit I think I fancy the Brother because it has a larger throat and I somehow think it's a full sized machine though I would be happy with either one to be honest.

Then today the third thing happened.  That's three days in a row if you've been counting.

So what happened today? Well fish brain, I've decided to call myself that from now on because they only remember things for 2 seconds and that must be around how long my brain retains information now,  I got a PayPal invoice for a BOM that I had completely forgotten about.  I thought I don't remember paying for that, so I went and looked and sure enough on February 15, 2012 I paid for the first month but I never received it.  So I wasn't unhappy today until I realised that I didn't get it and I really love it and here it is and if you want to do this and Sharon, Daisy Cottage Quilting, has any spaces left you'd better be quick because it is really a beauty:

It's called Vintage Memories BOM
and it can be found on the right hand side 
of Daisy Cottage Quilting

and it's a scrappy quilt which is my favorite kind right now.  I am also determined to be able to cut and piece correctly that is for sure so until my new machine arrives I'm going to practice cutting with Marti Michell's Templates of which I am the proud owner of 4 sets - Sets A, B, M & S and also my new ruler which is really great.  So all in all I'm really set in the ruler department.

I did discover that I really like English Paper piecing too and make some really great hexagons.  I remembered too that I don't like cutting paper much.  I didn't like playing with paper dolls which I was a kid because you had to cut out their clothes and I don't think I ever did it perfectly and I don't like doing things I can't do perfectly.  That's what is so astounding about my quilting adventures so far because I'm so bad at it and yet I'm still trying and still really loving it.  So now I want to find paper hexagons that are ready cut for me here in the U.K. so if anybody knows where I can get these please let me know.

Well that's it from me for now.  I will show you next time when I have taken a photo of it my really bad quilting but my really lovely hand-stitched hexagons.

Until next time ...
Lots of Love Patti xxx
American by birth and MOUTH but British in every other way


  1. I bought the 607 from Michael last weekend. Very happy with it so far.

    Try for hexies. She also does the best tutorials.

  2. What a weekend you've had Patti! Three things in a row aren't good. But it only get better from here, right? I hope that they send you the machine that you really want.

  3. Bad luck always comes in threes so the saying goes I believe :-( for paper pieces I like - loads of different ones - look under notions xxc

  4. Things can only get better Patti: just grit your teeth and keep smiling! And get sewing again when your machine arrives!


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