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Thursday, 19 July 2012

I am totally in love ...

with this new(ish) - well it's new to me because even though I bought it ages ago it was still in it's plastic wrap.  What is it, you ask?  Well it's a ruler.  Not just any ruler but a ruler made by Deb Tucker and it is called 'Deb Tuckers Wing Clipper' and with her way of making Flying Geese it turns out perfect every time.

Here are two photos, one is a block I made not using the Wing Clipper and the other one is a sample I made using it.  Okay I goofed up on the sample because instead of putting right sides together I put right side to wrong side but you get the gist of this

This is the less than perfect block I made and this

is so much better, don't you agree?  This little
block I made following Deb's instructions
and using the Wing Clipper ruler and the points are
all perfect unlike the block above this one!

and here is he lady herself demonstrating how to use it

I also have her Tucker Trimmer which I find invaluable.  It is by far the best ruler I have besides the Wing Clipper.  They only thing I've done to either of them is put some Invisi-Grip on the back of them because my hands aren't the best so it helps keep the ruler steady whilst I'm cutting.

I am in no way associated with Deb Tucker just a very very satisfied customer whom she has helped enormously just with her rulers.  There are loads of ways to use
the Tucker Trimmer and Deb has at least 4 more videos on her website 
showing you how.  Just have a look for yourselves.

Deb makes accurate piecing an absolutely doddle and what's more for every ruler Deb makes Deb also has a video explaining just how to use the ruler and instructions come with the rulers too.  So do yourself a favor and if you are having problems cutting and piecing correctly go and look at Deb's website and buy yourself one of her rulers to see how great they are.

I was a very bad cutter and piecer and because of Deb's ruler I now have so much more confidence that I can do a quilt top for my granddaughter which I have been putting off for the last 8 months at least.  So tonight is it and tomorrow  or Saturday more like I will be able to show you the top (or part of it) which I made using the Tucker Trimmer.

Until next time ...

Lots of Love Patti xxx
American by birth and MOUTH but British in every other way


  1. Oh Patti, you are so wonderful to help me too! I'm for sure going to try that Tucker Trimmer tool. I'm not sure of 1 or 2 but I will go to her websight and find out. I don't make flying geese too much but I do enjoy halfs and quarters. Maybe my block won't be so wonky and my squares will improve. Love the blog. Thank you much.

  2. I love my Wing Clipper, too! My Flying Geese come out perfect every time. I discovered the other day that I also own the Tucker Trimmer, but it was still in the shrink wrap. It's now out on the cutting table so it will get some use.


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