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Thursday, 24 January 2013

I knew that Quilters were THE nices people BUT...

I received not one but two blocks from Donna Pitts who lives in Edmond Oklahoma, in case there are two Donna Pitts who are amazingly generous and thoughtful and belong to the Block Swap Adventure.  I dropped out of this for a while due to all the crap that has been my life of late.

Yesterday I received a note from Donna that said "Patricia it seems you've had more than your share of 'unhappy' lately.  I'm sorry you weren't able to participate in the block swap this month and I hope to cheer you a bit with a new block" and here is the gorgeous block I received from Donna

Then this morning another envelope arrived and I looked at the name that was on it and I thought to myself 'I know that name'.  Of course I know that name it was Donna again with another block.  Donna I just can't thank you enough - you are a living legend in my book.  You are one very very generous person and I truly believe that what goes round comes round and I hope somebody is as nice to you when you are having a crap time as you have been to me.  Here is the second block

It is very like the first block and I love them both to pieces and can't thank you enough.  Thank you so much Donna you are my person.

I have also received some other stuff and will write another post over the weekend and also about a new great store I found here in England that sells amazing fabric, a giveaway I won that I received and oh I don't know just some stuff and next week I am having a giveaway.

Lots of Love
Patricia xxx
American by birth and MOUTH
but British in every other way

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  1. Sounds like that will keep you smiling all day :o)

  2. What lovely blocks. I can't wait to hear about the shop you discovered too. We don't have the choice here that people in the US do, so hearing about a new-to-us shop is always an exciting moment.

  3. Pretty blocks given to a sweet lady from another generous lady. They are beautiful.


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