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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Google Followers + The Winners

Now there has been a lot of talk about Google stopping their reader.  I know a lot of people are going over to other readers but I don't think I want to thanks.  There are currently two ways you can follow my blog:
1.  You can follow me by using GFC
2.  You can follow me by email

and I think that's enough ways.  I could go on Bloglovin and if you guys would prefer it please let me know and I could change my mind, I mean I do it so often that what's another change?  Nought!! (that's nothing to you Yanks)

I am also on Pinterest <---link which I am an addict of and NOW for the winners Ta Da!

The winner of the Ecolux light is:

No. 47 come in your time is up - no not really you aren't in a dingy or pedalo and as chosen by Mr. Randomizer

Who is Lori and this were her comments:

I am a follower.
I would name her Betsy. I would love to win the Ecolux light!

So Betsy is what my lovely machine is going to be called.  I didn't chose I let the winner chose but there were a heap of names I really liked so it was easy to let it be by chance.

Now the second winner for the fabric was somewhat harder because I had to keep on using Mr. Randomizer until I got a British or European commenter.  Don't worry I looked through all 97 entries to make sure I had all your numbers written on a piece of paper so I wouldn't miss whoever came up first.  I really should have asked you to put UK somewhere in your comment - so it took me longer to do - no biggie.  Anyway the winner of the lovely fabric is (after about 20 or so goes on Mr. Randomizer):

Who is 

I would call her Jenny, don't know why, it just popped into my head!
And I am a follower :o)
I will be writing to both winners letting them know the good news.  Thanks one and all for entering and also for suggesting such awesome names.  I have to admit my favorite was Agnes so maybe I could call her Agnes Betsy and then she would be able to get into the best private schools around. Well my cousin Allen's ex-wife said that unless I gave my Gracie two names she wouldn't get in to the best private schools so we called her Gracie Amelia after Gracie Alan and Amelia Aerhart.  Gracie Amelia was so fitting for her (she was our Yorkie and passed away last June and I miss her inordinately) as she was as funny as Gracie Alan had been and as brave as Amelia Aerhart.  
George Burns: Say Goodnight Gracie.  Gracie: Goodnight!

See you soon
Patti xxx
American by birth and MOUTH
but British in every other way

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  1. Congratulations to your winners.

    I'm trying the Bloglovin so that it isn't foreign to me when July rolls around and Google follow ceases. I really do not understand why they can't leave well enough alone.

  2. Te seguindo por E-mail agora.Não perderia você por nada deste mundo.BeijoGRANDE.

  3. I'm doing a little dance, yay, thank you so much Patti! :o)

  4. Just to let you know that I follow you through GFC but when I went to bloglovin, I just added all of my GFC blogs and you are in here also! Does that make sense.

  5. I also claimed my Blog on Bloglovin. I still have my blog on Google to make my posts, but read my posts in Bloglovin. It is quite easy to read them over there. I think it is nice actually. I only see the blogs daily that have posts to read, and it makes it easy to pop from one to the next. When I signed up, it brought ALL of my current blogs over for me to "follow", so I'm not missing anyone, and I'm still a follower of your blog wherever you are, Bloglovin', Google anywhere.

  6. Mara has the right idea. You, Patti, don't have to be any part of Bloglovin for anyone to follow you. I chose Bloglovin because there weren't many choices for readers. I just signed up and all the blogs I follow were trsnsfered to Bloglovin. I get an email every day from them that lists the blogs that have new posts and I can pick which ones I want to read. I much prefer using a reader instead of a zillion separate emails from bloggers.
    Oh... And I'm a happy follower! :)


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