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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Have I Learned My Lesson?

Probably not.  Look I don't read instructions and I don't read side effects of anything.  I mean if you read what side effects some medicines have I might decide I have them.  I won't but I MIGHT!  You just never know.  So that's why I don't read side effects.  Why don't I read instructions?  Because it might just be easier and I prefer to lose my temper whilst trying to figure everything out.  Not really.  I just love flying by the seat of pants on stuff.  Why change the habits of a lifetime I ask?  Well I'm not going to so there.

I've remade the blocks and I have to tell you I like them so much better.  In fact I like them so much that this is how I'm going to have mine done.  So ready or not here they are:

And whilst I'm showing these two I might as well show you the other two too.  How's that two too's.  LOVE IT!!

They look way better in the sunlight and sunlight is what we have YAY!! I bet this week has been our summer.  Who wants to bet me?  And don't forget I live in England where until this week - in fact yesterday, we have had winter.  No spring but the flowers are coming up and the trees are starting to bloom and the Magnolia trees have buds on them.  I LOVE Magnolia trees.  I so should have bought one when we moved in here.  I still can I guess but I'd much rather spend the money on fabric let's be honest.

Right I'm off to the Post Office now to mail these both out.  Can't think what I'm doing tomorrow but hopefully nothing much so I can cut and stitch another four blocks.  These are really fun to make.

TTFN (that's Ta Ta For Now - BRITISH or WHAT???) hehe

See you soon
Patti xxx
American by birth and MOUTH
but British in every other way

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  1. I do like these blocks. Your post made me smile. It is all good. We have not had spring here in New England yet either although the crocuses and a few trees have valiantly bloomed. The robins who only arrived back two weeks ago look like they are packing their bags instead of making their nests. It has been so cold the last two days, I had to turn on the heat again ... in late April ... so not fun. Thanks for sharing ... TTFN :) Pat

  2. Your blocks are great! You are doing a fabulous work. Your fabric choicrs are great, one almost looks 3D.

    When I first read your report I thought something was wrong with your MS meds. Annette recently passed so it was fresh in my mind. I am happy you are doing ok. Sorry I haven't written. I haven't been sewing. I am raising some chicks as you may know. Will write soon.


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