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Monday, 1 April 2013

I'm the QUEEN

Well April is my month to be Queen Bee!!   WOW!!!  I can’t believe it instead of just being a courtier at Queen Liz’s Court I’m actually THE Queen.  This Queen has the brains of an Goldfish!!!  I used to say Okapi but I just looked it up and it is not the dumbest animal on earth by a long shot.  The dumbest animal on earth if the Afghan Hound followed by the Goldfish.  Now the Goldfish can only remember things for 3 seconds so that is definitely more than I can remember stuff for.  So this Queen definitely has the brains of a GOLDFISH!!!  

I have given everyone enough fabric for one blocks but should you be crazy and want to do more than one block can I please ask you to either

(a)  Use your stash and surprise me or;
(b)  Email me and ask for more fabric which I will be more than happy to mail

But I would ask you to check them out once you have cut the stitched blocks into 4 because I had to trim the smallest amount you have ever seen from the small QSTs so please just check them however you usually do.  Now you are going to get more wastage than I got because I cut those squares to be 4 1/4" each and not 4 1/2" each so you have a bit more to play with.  It was easier for the GOLDFISH here to do that.  Look I got how many squares below I was sending you SO wrong so let's not tax this lamebrain too much today but I have the right number now AT LAST!!!

I have sent you 4 1/2” squares because if you look here
it will tell you exactly how to sew the blocks together so you have almost perfect 2 ½” triangles - well you would have if I had sent you 4 1/4" squares but I've sent you all 4 1/2" squares.You can find the information for the block here as Amy wanted me to give you her link to her blog where the tutorial is rather than give you the instructions directly.  I hope this is okay for all of you.

This is what the block looks like
I was actually going to put this in each of your envelopes and then decided it would be so much better just to put it on my blog.  So all you have in parcels is the fabrics and a little thing with my name and address on it.  I have really lost the plot though.  I can't count for the life of me today.  I have finallly worked out that you will need 9 of each color.  That's six of each for the HSQs and three for the middle and upper right and lower left and the reason you have 9 of each color is because you can then either put one color in or the other or any combination thereof in those three squres.  If I'm not making sense it's because I'm a goldfish today.

Hope everyone has fun with this but if you don’t please do not hesitate to contact me.  My email address is on my blog somewhere or other.  Look Queens aren’t supposed to remember trivial stuff like where things are.  But apparently the Duke of Edinburgh always carries a £20.00 note on him.  So what’s my excuse?  Ummm I don’t have a £20.00 note and being the Queen I never carry cash.

Hope you have fun!

Lots of Love
Patti xxx


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Patti xxx