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Saturday, 25 May 2013

Craftsy is having a SALE

Did you see that Craftsy is having a 60% off sale all weekend? 

In America this weekend is known as Memorial Day weekend whilst here in the UK it is just known as a Bank Holiday Weekend because it is a three day weekend.  
Memorial Day Weekend is exactly what it sounds like - tomorrow will be a day to honor all US war veterans so come and join Craftsy in honoring the brave men and women who have served in the US Armed Forces. My late father served in World War II so I will definitely be buying a class to honor him even though he passed away over 50 years ago.
For every class sold this weekend, Craftsy will donate a portion of the proceeds to benefit a veterans' organization. Select classes will be on sale up to 60% off! Not just sewing classes either. There are knitting, gardening and cooking classes too. There's even one on how to make croissants. YUM!
Sounds like a good time to go shopping to me! 

See you soon and in the meantime
Happy Stitching
Patti xxx
American by birthand MOUTH
but British in every other way

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  1. This weekend is what used Whitsuntide. It has its origins in Medieval times when the Lord of the Manor give the servants time off. In more recent times the churches would take to the streets for 'Whit walks' and young girls would have new dresses for the occasion

  2. Have a fab bank holiday weekend Patti! :o)

  3. Ooh, I've had a look at the classes and I do quite fancy knitting beads. Heaven knows I have nothing else to do!! How nice that they donating to charity too. Irene xxx

  4. Hello! I'm Stephanie from and you left the most wonderful comment about my quilt!!!! I thank you thank you thank you for that warm fuzzy comment!!!! I can't find your email anywhere.....will you be at the show in Birmingham?

  5. Hello! You left the most wonderful comment about my quilt in the bloggers quilt festival and I want to say thank you thank you thank you!!!!! I can't find your email anywhere.....are you going to the show in Birmingham???


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