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Sunday, 12 May 2013

Oh Dear It's Been Over a Week

I know the hours turn into days and the days into weeks and then I realise it's been over a week since I last posted anything.  Sorry but haven't been doing much, if any, sewing.  Been on my big fat arse watching TV and moaning about my mouth.  DH moans about it all the time, my mouth that is, but I had a tooth taken out this past week and my mouth hurts as much as before I had it taken out.

I have been pinning a lot on Pinterest though.  I LOVE Pinterest a lot.  Most of my boards are about quilting, well what else would they be about?!?  I mean ---- just think what else besides quilting, my grandchildren and watching TV and sleeping would I be interested in.

I have quite a few boards but my favorite boards are the ones where I keep free Quilt Alongs from various quilting bloggers.  They are all so good and I will do them in the future but I needed a safe place for them and what could possibly be safer than Pinterest.  Nothing.  With all of these photos I have linked back to my Pinterest folders so you can easily find them in the appropriate Folder and all the current tutorials are there too

Here is the first one
This is the first one in the series
and can be fond at the start of my Pinterest
Folders and was designed and made by
Little Musroom
The second one is
A Virtual Quilting Bee
Yes I know it says that on the above photo
and is by Amy Smart who's blog is
Diary of a Quilter
and can be found here
Number 3 is
is by Alyssa Lichner who's blog is called
Pile of Fabric and you get 2 blocks a month
Tutorials on how to quilt them
and the Folder can be found here
No. 4 is
This is Bloom Bloom Pow
by Lee of Freshly Pieced
all of the different QAYGs can
be found here
No. 5 is here

Is one of my favorites and is called
Supernova and it was also a QAL by
Lee of Freshly Pieced and all of it
can be found here
No.6 and the final one is
is by Charise of Charise Creates
and is called
Vintage Block QAL and
can be found here
I have quite a few other folders on my Pinterest including a really good, well I think it's good, Tutorial Folder full of lots of different tutorials from all over the web from various blogs.

I don't think I will ever get over the generosity of Quilting Blogland.  It is just so completely different from the stitching world to which I used to belong.  You guys share so much for free instead of always charging for your patterns and these are not either small or mediocre patterns but really GREAT patterns that you guys could so easily sell and yet you give them for free.  Your generosity is beyond anything I have ever experienced before and I really want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.  So from me to you selfless quilters a HUGE

See you soon 
Patti xxx
American by birth and MOUTH
but British in every other way
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  1. Well said my friend...quilting bloggers are the best in sharing their knowledge and skills. Now I am off to your Pinterest. It is electronic Hoarding at it ps best. Come on over to my boards....we can sit on our behinds together!
    Happy Mothers Day!

  2. Quite right, quilters are positively falling over themselves to help each other, and i love that! i finally finished your block, it will be on it's way, once I can get to the post office, should be tomorrow :o). xxx

  3. cool! I'm doing a QAL next month too btw


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