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Friday, 28 February 2014

I need another hobby, don't I????

Okay so I don't need another hobby.  But as most of you know, if you read this little blog of mine that is, that I love Craftsy.  When they said they had this knitting Afghan class I thought why not?  I mean it's not everyday you get to make a knitted Afghan and as I've completely forgotten how to crochet - and no I don't know how this happened because I once crocheted two shawls as Chanukah presents - one of my mother and one for my mother-in-law.  Anyway I kept on looking at this class

and thought to myself 'yeah why not, cause you don't have enough of other kinds of stash do you?'  Umm well maybe I do but hey what's another project.  I think this one will be super yummy.  My only real problem is they don't really sell Lion Yarns in England so I'm kinda up the creek without a paddle.  But no worries I shall find some yarn that is equivalent, eventually.  Please wish me luck with that.  I am so going to sell my cross stitching stash because I really don't need it as I have enough on my plate with hobbies and him upstairs is sick of all my stash.  So eBay I shall be coming.

Huge Hugs to you all (if you are actually there)

See you soon
Patti xxx
American by birth and MOUTH
but British in every other way
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  1. Looks fun. I hope you find what you need.

  2. We're here. :D I need to sell some of my stuff also and keep just what I really want for the hobbies I really want to do. Have fun with the knitting class. It's invigorating to learn new things!

  3. I am actually here. I have a stash of yarn now for weaving. Did I tell you that I signed up for a Saori class next week? This will be an intro class for me so I can use the loom and test the waters - like I need something else to do!

  4. Have fun with it. I love knitting for the relaxation.

  5. I am here, as well. I organized my crafting areas and found many items from former hobbies. Gosh, we can only do so much in a day or week, right? Good luck on the afghan class and etsy.


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