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Sunday, 2 February 2014

It's been so long

It really has been a very long time since I wrote anything on this blog.  Sorry guys but it's going to be longer still.  We are going to Los Angeles in the morning and will be gone for a little under 2 weeks.

I have made a couple of tops - well most of the tops.  I got the patterns from Moda's website and neither was as large as I would have liked and I was meant to be taking them to California with us but have decided to make them bigger and then I shall show you the tops, then quilt them and show you them again and mail them to LA and hope to g-d they don't get lost.

This is one of the Patterns I've used, and both are by
I am making it for my new Great Niece, daughter
of my Niece and her husband and have
made it using White Kona and Posy by Aneela Hoey
but it isn't big enough and;
This is one of the patterns and I used
White Kona and Wishes by Sweetwater
for my nephew and his lovely bride who
married in San Diego last July and
this wasn't the size I wanted either
I have a couple of new photos to show you of our two youngest grandchildren which I know you are just dying to see.  So here they are and I shall return in around 2 weeks or so.  sorry for the long delay but so much cr*p has been happing and I hate moaning with a total vengeance so quiet time is what I decided.

Mr. O who decided I needed to take
photos of him pulling all kinds of faces
I can show you more if you like

Ms. C with her very large
Hello Kitty stuffed toy wearing her crown
which she got from nursery school for
her 2nd birthday which was in November

See you soon
Patti xxx
American by birth and MOUTH
but British in every other way

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  1. Your quilts are lovely. Have fun on your trip.

  2. Have a fun, safe trip. Your gkids are darling! Love your quilts.


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