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Sunday, 3 June 2012

I know this is supposed ....

... to be a blog about quilting.  But I tend to procrastinate a lot and when I'm not procrastinating I just can't make up my mind.  Right now my sewing room needs tidying up so much that I couldn't do any sewing even if I wanted to.  So that's what I am procrastinating about right now.  I really need to clear up that room and lazy me just doesn't want to do it.  I say every night before I go to bed that tomorrow I am definitely doing to clear it up and when tomorrow comes I go downstairs to have brunch, because it's too late for breakfast and nearly lunchtime, and then I turn on the television and start Sky up (that's cable in this adopted country of mind) and say to myself I am only going to watch one program whilst I'm eating and then six hours later I'm still here and that's where I stay doing absolutely nothing but watching television.  I have become a couch potato!  Then I go to bed and read The Hunger Games - I'm on the last book and totally hooked.  In between all this I just might go out and see the loves of my life - no not him upstairs although he really is/was the main love of my life.  So I thought instead of sharing any quilting photos with you, of which I have none, I will share the lastest photos of my main loves

 This is Chloe who is almost 7 months old
and is the daughter of my
lovely Daughter-In-Law and Son
this was taken whilst they were on holiday
in Lanzarote and Chloe is
in the swimming pool
She is also known by me as Mrs. Peck
because James and Danielle have called
here Chlopeck since she was
born and I just started calling her Mrs. Peck

 This is Oliver (aka Oli) who is the son
of my lovely Daughter-in-Law Danielle and Son James
and Oli is almost 3 years old
This photo was taken when he was 
watching the stage version of Peppa Pig
and that is sheer adoration on his face
He is the most gorgeous child and has recently 
come out with all by himself
"peek-a-boo I love you" or
"peek-a-boo I don't love you"

This is Lily who is the daughter of
our daughter Sara and Andrew her soon to be ex-husband
now when she was little I called her Lilypie
so she became Mrs. Pie about 5 years ago
and she is just a delight and such a well
behaved child it isn't true
and yesterday Mrs. Pie made Whoppie Pies
that were so yummy

Finally this is Sammy who is the son of
our daughter Sara and Andrew her soon to be ex-husband
and he is almost 12 and is just the best behaved
child ever.  I am sure Sammy is going to be a great baker or
chef or something.  Yesterday we made - not really Sammy
made 2 cakes unaided and I am going to get so fat
it's untrue.  His cakes are amazing and I can't wait
until he can cook so that I don't have to anymore

Well that's it for now I guess but I promise to clear up my sewing room this week and sew something and show you, because so far all I have done is bought loads and loads of fabric and templates and rulers and everything one needs to quilt but have yet to make anything substantial but this week is it I promise.

Until next time ...
Lots of Love Patti xxx
American by birth and MOUTH but British in every other way

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  1. lol, last time we visited my neice my mum came home with a pair of Pepper Pig socks by mistake!

    I like making cakes, though it's been a while since I have made any .... not really since losing my sight though there's no reason that should really stop me!

    Your grandchildren sound very cute!

    When it comes to tidying up, procrastinating is the best way forward ;)


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