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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

A New Store

Do you remember when I told you I'd found a new store here in England?  Well this post is about my finding this new online store.

I don't know how new it is but as you know I live here in the U.K. and have done for many years - a lot more years than I have been quilting that's for sure.  Anyway it's not that I'm mean because I'm far from that, in fact I'm a really good spender.  But I hate wasting money.  Buying fabric in England is very expensive and I do understand, sort of, why.  The stores here have to pay postage from the States which is expensive - even more so now since the US really hiked up the price of international postage charges plus they have to pay VAT (Value Added Tax) at 20%, so we in the U.K. end up paying £s for $s which I really hate.

So since the rise in postal rates I decided I needed to find another source of cheaper fabric that was as good as Robert Kauffman's Kona Solids cotton which is my preferred type of solids as it is thicker than Moda Bella which I found that you could see the seams through.  Picky I know I am but I like what I like.

So I typed in Kona into Google and got taken to this website Backstitch Fabric and I found that they had, what I thought was Kona Solids, at a reduced price.  So I ordered some and wrote to the owner of the store thanking her for her reduced prices upon which she wrote back to me telling me that it wasn't actually Kona but Klona Cotton solids.  I wondered why there wasn't the same amount of colours and I wrote back and said too late I've ordered some and I'll let you know what I think when I get it.

So what did I think?  It's wonderful fabric and if anything it's a teensy weensy bit thicker than Kona and stitches up beautifully.  Not only is it cheaper at £5.80 a meter but it's way wider too because instead of being 42" wide it's 53" wide.  So you are getting more for your money as well - almost a whole extra foot x whatever width you've ordered.  The only downside is that apart from the bundles Alice (that's the name of the lady that owns the store) sells which are in fat (very) quarters she only sells in 1/2 meters which is no biggie as I tend to order solids in way larger pieces because I go through so much of it.
This is one of Alice's Fat Quarter Bundles of
Klona that she sells and this one for almost
3 metres of fabric is only £16.00
I shall be offering some of this fabric as a giveaway soon.  So keep watch on here because one of you is going to get some of this (not necessarily these colours) wonderful fabric I found.  I love it and I don't say that easily - okay maybe I do.  But I really love it and if you can't wait to get some then just go here and order some like what I did (good English or what).  I am not just saying all this stuff about this store because Alice has become my latest Sponsor but because I truly love this fabric and will continue to shop at her store for this great fabric.

Alice also sells other American Fabric and some are on sale right now.  On sale is in at a reduced price.  I still remain so darn American it isn't true.

See you soon
Patti xxx
American by birth and MOUTH
but British in every other way
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