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Thursday, 28 February 2013

You will never guess

who has bought more fabric.  

I promise you I really needed this.  I bought some
already from Natasha who owns Skye Reve
in the States because I want to make another  quilt
like the one that I am making right now
which shall be revealed when the top is finished
This is what I am using it for and I am using Kaffe Fassett's gorgeous prints for the heart in the middle:

and I bought this too but I bought this from LiMaSews on Etsy

Linh owns this store and she is just so lovely
and I was introduced to her by somebody else's blog
Linh also has a wonderful blog
and for those of you in the USA Linh is also a Long Arm Quilter
I have asked Linh to move over here but it's doubtful :-(
I know I shouldn't have because I already have so much that I haven't used.  But it will be used.  I want to make so many different things.  I want to make an improv quilt sort of like two you have seen before, the one by Lu Summers or the one made by Chase which you can see on the back of her couch or this one

which was made by Maureen Cracknell and
on this link you can see all the quilts Maureen has made
I've signed up for Lucky Stars from Don't Call Me Betsy but shall do that in solids of which I have a huge amont, I mean why do anything by halves.

I'm just waiting for some fabric, yes more, from The Fat Quarter Shop to compliment the Navy prints I have already and they are creams and navy and whites and navy to start this Block Of The Month from Open Gate Quilts.  It wasn't until I saw Sherri's version that I fell in love with it and thought to myself 'hey I have some perfect navy small prints that would do this beautifully'.  If you look at all five (I think) girls (women) who are doing this you will see very different versions of the same blocks.  So here is Block 1 and here is Block 2, Block 3 will be out on tomorrow as Monique is very prompt I think.  I did buy Moniques rulers I must admit (like I needed more NOT).

I also joined a class that Rachel Hauser was teaching called The Hand Stitched Class but realised quite quickly that I should have joined the other class which was her Curves class but I shall wait until that is released again and join it and join in really.  But I did buy a lot of fabric for the Hand Stitched Class which I shall use for something else.

I am also currently making a quilt for my, ok our youngest granddaughter and I just have to sash the blocks and join them up and then I can reveal all of this one.  I suppose I could reveal a block if I could get myself into gear.  I really need to stop using my phone to take pictures and start using my camera again.

And I've saved the best news for last.  I have finally learned how to nest properly and now everything meets as it such do. YAY ME!!!

See you soon
Patti xxx
American by birth and MOUTH
but British in every other way
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  1. Great investment!! The new fabrics are just gorgeous :)

  2. Patti! So glad you wrote and directed me to the right blog address!

    Now that I am here, I remember I have been here before.... those new fabrics are yummi-licious!

  3. You are so sweet, Patti. Thanks so much!

  4. Gosh love that heart hanging quilt......and what delightful floral fabrics!


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