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Monday, 11 February 2013

Of All The Quilts I Have Ever Seen ...

both in real life and on all the blogs I troll this one is by far my favorite

It was made by Lu Summers and I saw it IN REAL LIFE last Spring and to say it is gorgeous is putting it so mildly.  It is truly the most beautiful quilt I have ever seen.  It's not a bed quilt but it hangs on her wall above her sewing machine.  She had made lots of other things that were splendiferous too.

This has Reverse Applique 
and this

and this

I will share what I've been working on later on this week.  Believe it or not I am about to finish a quilt top. Now what I need to know please is if I use Minky??? or whatever it's called for the backing do you use wadding too?

I had something else to tell you guys but I've forgotten what it was.  I know it was kinda important for the newbies amongst us so when I remember I will tell you.

Thanks for putting up with my not giving you a giveaway yet but I still have to wait.  It will be this week (hopefully).

See you soon
Patti xxx
American by birth and MOUTH but British in every other way

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  1. I'm never quite sure what minky is (I always think of Peter Sellers in the Pink Panther!! am I alone in this???)
    If it's like fleece then no wadding would be needed!

  2. It looks beautiful !!! The apllique I like also.

  3. It is a beautiful modern quilt. It looks like lots of time went into the making of this quilt. Thank you for showing us her wonderful work.

  4. I have made quilts and used Minky on the back both with and without wadding in the middle. Either way, the back feels amazing. Just be careful to secure the sandwich VERY well. The best way I found was to use the spray adhesive stuff as Minkee tends to be quite slippery and stretchy.


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